02-07-2014 | Little Treasures of Lombok have been made available to the public with Bahasa Indonesian subtitles. Watch the full movie now on Youtube

21-10-2011 | A very positive review about the film by journalist Shereen Ibrahim who saw the movie at the Singapore International Film Festival (SIFF).
Read the review here: http://www.feveravenue.com/siff-little-treasures-of-lombok/

Little Treasures of Lombok portrays the friendship of two Indonesian street children that is challenged by a critical decision they both have to make.

Little Treasures of Lombok adalah kisah tentang persahabatan dua anak jalanan yang dipengaruhi oleh pilihan hidup mereka.

In Little Treasures of Lombok, two street children, Man and Sugeng, tries to support themselves on the hostile urban streets of Lombok in Indonesia. Man, is seen as the ‘tough one’. He does all sorts of work rangings from begging to car washing. Although On the surface, he seems to bring himself with big confident and full of bravado, but deep inside he's still a naive and fragile young boy.

Dua anak jalanan, Man dan Sugeng, berusaha bertahan hidup di kota. Man yang karakternya keras dan macho bekerja mulai dari mengemis sampai menjadi tukang cuci mobil. Meskipun dari luar ia terlihat berani dan percaya diri, tapi di dalam dirinya ia hanya seorang anak laki-laki yang naif dan rapuh.

Compared to Man, Sugeng, on the other hand, is a sweet vulnerable young boy with an ambition. He is devastated by the ill fate of his parents and determined to be a smart person, a doctor perhaps, just like his mother’s hoped for.

Lain dengan Man, Sugeng adalah seorang anak lelaki yang manis dan punya ambisi. Akibat masa lalunya yang buruk dengan orang tua, ia bertekad untuk menjadi anak yang pintar, mungkin kelak menjadi dokter, seperti harapan ibunya.

When Man and Sugeng meet in the streets, soon enough Man becomes some sortimmediately takes on the role of Sugeng’s 'protector', introducing him to the way harsh realities of life on the streets and. Their friendship also grows from there.

Ketika Man dan Sugeng bertemu di jalan, mereka langsung berteman dan Man menjadi sosok pelindung bagi Sugeng. Ia memperkenalkan Sugeng dengan kehidupan di jalan.

The film portrays their daily life on the streets. Juxtaposes the choices Man and Sugeng make for themselves. While they find comfort in each other’s company, they actually have different views of their future. Man’s is somewhat pessimistic of life as he knows itpessimism influences decisions he makes around opportunities presented to him, whereas Sugeng’s aspirations and hope immediately leads him to grasp an opportunity that will eventually separate the friends.

Little Treasures of Lombok menunjukkan kontradiksi antara pilihan hidup Man dan Sugeng. Meskipun mereka saling membantu satu sama lain, tapi mereka punya pandangan yang berbeda dalam hidup. Man cenderung pesimistik dengan hidup sehingga ia menjalani hidup apa adanya hari demi hari sedangkan Sugeng memiliki harapan akan hidup yang lebih baik.

Little Treasures of Lombok demonstrates a two-way perspective of seeing how Sugeng and Man are presented with an opportunity to attend a school run by a charity. A difficult decision has to be made. They can continue to live a brutal life in the streets, or embrace the opportunity to go to school. Eventually they the two friends choose a different paths, but their friendship doesn't suffer and the consequences of these decisions provides a powerful vision of the conflicting realities facing many Indonesian children. In fact, they sincerely wish each other well. Can they remain friends across the divide that emerges and what will their futures hold?

Little Treasures of Lombok menampilkan dua cara pandang ketika Sugeng dan Man dihadapkan pada pilihan untuk bergabung dengan suatu yayasan sosial yang membantu anak jalanan untuk bersekolah. Mereka bisa hidup dengan nyaman sambil bersekolah atau terus hidup di jalan. Pada akhirnya, mereka memilih jalan hidup yang berbeda. Namun akankah persahabatan mereka bertahan?

Working with actual street children playing themselves, and incorporating their actual experiences, Little Treasures of Lombok is a creative documentary blending actuality and fiction. The total production of Little Treasures of Lombok itself took almost four years in the making, as the filmmakers, Gilles Frenken, anticipated the change in the course of Man and Sugeng's lives after a two-year break in filming, Gilles returned to see capture what had become of the two children and incorporated this into the film. Does their life change as a consequence of their decision two years back?

Little Treasures of Lombok menjadi suatu film semi-dokumenter yang unik karena dibintangi oleh anak-anak jalanan dan menggambarkan kondisi riil mereka serta dibumbui dengan unsur fiksi. Lama produksi film ini memakan waktu empat tahun karena sutradara film, Gilles Frenken, mengantisipasi perubahan hidup Man dan Sugeng selama kurun waktu tersebut. Akankah hidup mereka berubah drastis karena keputusan yang mereka ambil dua tahun silam?

Little Treasures of Lombok was screened in Cinekid Film Festival Amsterdam, The Netherlands, in 2010 and Singapore International Film Festival in 2011. The filmmakers expect to distribute the film to a wider audience.

Little Treasures of Lombok telah ditayangkan di Cinekid Film Festival, Amsterdam, Belanda tahun 2010 dan SIngapore International Film Festival 2011. Kami berharap film ini bisa didistribusikan lebih luas lagi.

Gilles Frenken

Frenken Films Amsterdam

Milan Collin
Simon Bunt
Pepijn Kortbeek
Sonja ten Boom

Pieter Huisman


Olger Star
Iwan Fals


75 min

Filmed in HDV
(High Definition Video)

Lombok Island, Indonesia (2007-2010)

Indonesian, Bahasa Sasak and English

Indonesian, English, Dutch


Contact the filmmakers at contact@littletreasuresoflombok.com

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