01-08-2011 | Little Treasures of Lombok" has been official selected for screening at this year's Singapore International Film Festival, held 15 - 25 September.
Singapore International Film Festival Official Website

23-10-2010 | Finally after three years the film Little Treasures of Lombok (Dutch title: Schatjes van Lombok) goes world premiere on the international film festival Cinekid on Wednesday, October 27th 2010. Buy tickets online here:
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05-10-2009 | Editing completed! Color correction and sound mixage.

15-01-2009 | Still in process, final editing of the movie.

28-06-2007 | The movie is still in production, so check back anytime.

Little Treasures of Lombok is a documentary film about two street children, Man (11) and Sugeng (10), who struggle to survive on the streets of Lombok (Indonesia). In the film, Man and Sugeng retell and re-enact their stories of living and working on the streets. Both of them explore the two most common areas where street children make their living, the streets and beaches. Man wanders around the streets trying to survive by working as a public transportation conductor while Sugeng sells souvenirs to tourists on the beach. Somehow their paths of life bring them together. Realizing the similar struggles they have to endure, Man and Sugeng decide to work together and help each other. But still, the streets are not the right place for these unfortunate children. Man is molested by a driver. Sugeng snatches whatever he can do or get on the streets. He steals and mugs other people, yet he is also exposed to child prostitution. Until, one night a group of social workers distributes meal to them and other street children in a parking lot. Then, a social worker interviews them separately and introduces the idea of providing them a better life and education if they come live in the Child Development Centre of Peduli Anak Foundation. This time, Man and Sugeng choose a different path. Man decides to take this opportunity and dreams for a better future. On the other hand, Sugeng is being skeptical and remains to stay on the streets. What will become of Man and Sugeng? Do they make the right decision?

Director Gilles Frenken
Producer Frenken Films Amsterdam


Milan Collin
Simon Bunt
Pepijn Kortbeek
Sonja ten Boom

Color Correction

Pieter Huisman

Music & Sound

Olger Star
Genre Documentary Film
Runtime 75 min
Quality Filmed in HDV
(High Definition Video)
Location Lombok Island, Indonesia (2007-2009)
Language Indonesian, Bahasa Sasak (local dialect) and English
Subtitles Indonesian, English, Dutch, French

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